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Lani Winskye, Clarity & Creativity Coach

Adventurous Living | Be creative. Be motivated. Be adventurous.

Does this sound like you?

  • “I’m always overwhelmed”
  • “I desperately need to find balance in my life”
  • “I need to make a change but I can’t get going”
  • “I’m tired of getting in my own way!”
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Hi there!

I’m Lani Winskye and I work with adventurous creators, artists, and creative workforces to clarify their purpose, inspiration and motivation. I bring 20 years of experience in business administration & leadership in the performing arts industry to my coaching practice, which means 20 years of supporting the needs of diverse personalities while mentoring and training others to do the same. I understand how a strong sense of purpose propels us forward and I want to help you find what lights you up.

I am Mama to a spunky five-year-old, a too-brave-for-her-own-good stripey cat, and two rambunctious ginger boy cats. I have an amazing husband who is my best collaborator and biggest cheering section, and we live in sunny Florida, only 45 minutes from where I grew up. I have many hobbies and passions, including reading, crochet, needlepoint, board games and all things full of color and creativity.

I believe that every day is an adventure, and I want to help you find yours. Are you game?

My clients have real results. Here are some examples of things I’ve helped them to achieve:

  • A singer finally found a practice framework that sustains their creativity
  • An entrepreneur built structures in their life that allow for guilt-free self care time
  • An executive started the novel they’ve dreamed of writing for years
  • A physician identified their roadblocks to success and finally lost the weight that has been threatening their health
  • A mom improved communication with and connection to family members
Start Your Adventure

Leave overwhelm behind

You feel overwhelmed. You feel off-track, fuzzy and out of balance. You feel like you’ve climbed a mountain each day, just to find yourself back in the valley the next morning when you wake up. I get it. Let’s get you moving toward the peak!

Find your spark

Do you start projects that you never finish? Do you feel your purpose is out there but you haven't connected to it yet? Do you dream of a fulfilling life that you are passionate about? You can have the life you dream of.

Commit to your breakthrough

Clients work with me because they appreciate my unique perspective, my nurturing and to-the-point style, and my ability to help them identify the patterns that are holding them back. My clients know that they will see results when they put in the work. You can, too.

Get results

Here’s what my clients have to say:

As a client of Adventurous Living, I can share that my life has noticeably improved from when we started our coaching journey. Coach Lani honed in on what mattered to me (even if I wasn’t aware of the impact something had on me, her gentle questions led me to important self conclusions that I would not have come to otherwise). She helped me establish a framework and better habits to move me closer to my goals. She saw the potential when all I felt was stuck in regards to pursuing my dreams. She gave me tools and positive accountability to 'climb the mountain' of my goals.


Lani is so approachable and she makes what seems like an overwhelming amount of obstacles into manageable steps.


I didn't realize just how much I would get out of working with a Life Coach. Lani led me to work toward my goals with the flexibility I needed, the support I wanted, and just the right amount of guidance.


[Working with Lani] gave me the confidence and motivation to advance my career on my own terms. Not only does Lani have the tools to help her clients, but she genuinely wants to understand them and meet them where they are, which I feel is her best asset. I highly recommend connecting with Lani to propel yourself forward in your life.

Give me a shout if you’re tired of living up to other people’s standards and
ready to find YOUR spark, enjoy YOUR life and embrace what
makes you and your family thrive.
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