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Life Coaching

So, what is life coaching?

By November 12th, 2021No Comments

Great question! Coaching is a process through which the coach (me!) helps the client (you!) find purpose, achieve goals, overcome obstacles and build a roadmap that will take them to success over and over again. Your roadmap is created as you learn skills and techniques that will continue to improve your life, long into the future. I will help you retire old habits and patterns that no longer serve you and replace them with shiny new routines that bring you joy, relieve your stress and allow for ongoing growth.

My role as a coach is different from that of a consultant, so I won’t be assessing how you do things and giving you directives on what to do. Instead, we will work together to set goals, find approaches that work for YOU and if you meet any speed bumps along the way, I’m here to get you over them.

And who is coaching for?

Anyone! My clients are motivated, growth-minded people who are tired of settling for a life that isn’t the adventure they want. They are artists, executives, parents, students and anyone else looking to harness their creativity and use it to fuel their life. They choose to work with me because they appreciate my unique perspective, my nurturing and to-the-point style, and my ability to help them identify the patterns and limiting beliefs that are holding them back. My clients know that they will see results when they put in the work.

You can too!



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